a disturbance that travels trough space and time

Votivkino , Wien 2014

The work A Disturbance That Travels Through Space And Time is an ongoing performance based on delivering  instructions at venues where big gathering of people are expected (cinemas, theaters,ecc).  The instructions invite to create human waves of different petterns as a reference to the idea of collective, mass movement, and how to convert a common will by the use of the own body.

What happens to the idea of choreography when carried over into the realm of everyday-life? What is a collective body and how does it move? What kind of temporary community is embodied by the audience? How can the political and social dimension, implicit in the concept of collectivity, be translated and practiced in an artistic form? A disturbance that travels trough space and time  deals  with such question redefining in a given space the lines between active participation and neutral stance , individuality and and collectivity, movement and still.

 also see: http://www.aldogiannotti.com/?p=941

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