Dance With Us Ein Ausstellungsprojekt von Kamen Stoyanov Aldo Giannotti Michail Michailov Nicolas Muller Nicole Prutsch Emilia Smokova Kamen Stoyanov Iv Toshain Ausstellungseröffnung: 06.05.2014, 19:00 Uhr Ausstellungsdauer – 27.05.2014 projektraum viktor bucher a 1020 vienna, praterstrasse 13/1/2 t/f +43 (0) 1 212 693 0 m +43 (0) 676 561 988 0 The title of this exhibition-project suggests the invitation to a common dancing. The question which arouses is: are the artists invited to the Gallery´s dance floor or is the audience invited to dance with the Art? And: what is such a dance able to achieve? Inspired was the title of the exhibition by the Bulgarian #ДАНСwithme- antigovernment protest – movement, which started on June 14, 2013 until now. Dance With Us origins in the acoustic overlapping of the short-phrase for “Governmental Service for National Security” – ДАНС - and the english expression for „dancing“. What caused the so called „protest movement“ was the controversal election of an even more controversal minister for National Security. From the first day on „common dancing“ was the gesture for a positive alteration of the status-quo. „The Dance“ still is going on and in its persistance origins its power and elegance and even its utopic character. This exhibition is also about corruption and nepotism. Cause: Only together we can set examples and change things. The list of artists was based on the principle: every invited elected another one... Kamen Stoyanov