drop out of sight

DROP OUT OF SIGHT Pablo Chiereghin and Aldo Giannotti Opening on May 14th 18:00 - 22:00  exhibition ends May 25th Questioning the relation between individuals and masses, between single deliberate acts and daily entropy, between the dual need of acting and hiding. Generate allusions on the effects of a potential disappearance, playing with the balance between the will of being present and the urge to annihilate oneself.  Is disappearance a deliberate conscious subjective choice or an externally imposed consequence? Is negating oneself considered as a form of anti-social behavior or violent act? A stronger form of presence, a memory, a political statement, are these the unspoken attempts of dropping someone out of sight? www.aldogiannotti.com www.pablochiereghin.com ------------- Lust Gallery Hollandstrasse 7, 1020 Vienna http://www.thelustgallery.com
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