Modell is an ongoing mobile exhibition project in collaboration with Kunstraum Super. The first 11 artist/architects intervened on what will be the first part of a growing  model. projekt by aldo giannotti and kunstraum Super Modell Daniel Leidenfrost - Black Holes Marlene Hausegger - Puppenhaus Berlin Claudia Larcher - Grotte Elisabeth Haid und Josef Schröck - Looking Glass Gerald Straub - Loch und Löcher Gerald Straub - Loch und Löcher Lea Titz  - konische Zeichen Michikazu Matsune - Äquator Maßband 1:30.000.000 Pablo Chiereghin - Leave this Space Free Edith Payer - Müllhalde Wendelin Pressl - Tolle Kontrolle
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