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Aldo Giannotti Spatial Dispositions Räumliche Veranlagungen

The first exhibition project of 2015 in ar/ge kunst galerie museum is entitled Spatial Dispositions and has been devised by Italian artist Aldo Giannotti (b. 1977, lives and works in Vienna). As a progressive examination of ar/ge kunst itself, Spatial Dispositions will operate as the introduction to the anniversary program. Beginning with a series of spatial observations on the planimetry and architecture of ar/ge kunst, Giannotti’s research expands into the broad field of relations that have defined and continue to shape it as an institutional space. Presented as a ‘programmatic’ series of ideas or concept drawings, the outcome of Giannotti’s intervention is a kind of cartography that evolves in line with the research and dialogue of all the visitors, members, staff and artists who are and have been involved in making ar/ge kunst what it is today. Giannotti shifts what might be called the ‘affordances’ of the institution (properties inherent in the form or design of an environment and capable of conveying the possibility of its use) beyond immediate perception; ar/ge kunst becomes an object/subject that strives to perform a multiplicity of roles and functions in response to the actual or potential contexts it chooses to engage.

Designer Beatrix Bakondy

Publisher Aldo Giannotti, Beatrix Bakondy

Text Emanuele Guidi, Giorgio Palma

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112 pages

86 ills. in b/w Paperback

ISBN 978-3-903004-11-5

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