Inda Galeria Budapest

Fanni FUTTERKNECHT, Aldo GIANNOTTI, Diana KELLER, Esther KEMPF, Nicolas MULLER, Zuzanna JANIN & Kamen STOYANOV and Myriana TODOROVA 11. september 2014. – 22. october 2014. Opening: 10 september 6pmInda Galeria Budapest, Király utca 34. II/4 This exhibition project combines artistic strategies and possibilities of movements within the field of contemporary art. On the one side the artists explore the transportation of goods as inevitable part of the exhibition practice and on the other they look critically on the borderline of structured possibilities to move within the field of political and social relations. Artists are either the initiators or they take part physically in events of movement. In some of the projects the body of the artist became the object which moves through space alone or together with objects. The idea of personal engagement and going over difficulties becomes a central part of the works.
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