constant sun

Performance and documentation. 2010 During winter of 2010 for one month, in concomitance with an exhibition in a Viennese gallery, I traveled around Europe, following the directions given by a team of the center for meteorology for Austria (ZAMG), as partners of the Project. They daily predicted the locations in Europe, within a range of max. 500 Km from my current position, where most hours of sunshine were expected. In this way I was able to follow the sun and constantly be under it. My route was daily communicated also to the gallery, where on a map of Europe they lined out the travel. Leaving at the Vernissage and returning 8000 Km later to the Finissage the project was completed. constant sun route: Wien-Györ-Budapest-Ljubljana-Rosenheim-Frankfurt-Leuven-Paris-Marseille-Nice-Pisa-Venice-Karlobag-Keszthely-Prag-Dresden-Wroclaw-Wien photos: Aldo Giannotti, Pablo Chiereghin, Coralie De Gonzaga scroll down

constant-sun-text.doc a project in collaboration with ZAMG and Galerie Robert Kastowsky
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