taxi driver

Site-specific intervention for the Triennale Linz 01. 2010 Inspired by Martin Scorsese’s classic film, a taxi driver from Linz is paid to have his hair shaved into a Mohawk. He goes about his daily work with this altered appearance. For the driver, talking with his passengers about his hair style, the film or the art project is neither prohibited nor expected. Cards are simply available in the taxi that indicate the concept and the exhibition, in which a large-format picture of the shaven-headed taxi driver hangs. In the film, the taxi driver played by Robert De Niro runs into social injustice in the metropolis of New York, which he opposes – through his rebellious appearance, among other things. The real Linz Taxi Driver will evoke associations with the film figure by his appearance on the one hand, but on the other will also draw attention to social contrasts. Personal encounters between people in the social fabric of a city are intensified and become part of an art work. (Nina Kirsch) Buchen Sie Ihre persönliche Kunst-Fahrt: Taxilenker Gerald Hofer, T: 0681/20406963 / Taxiunternehmen A. Schwaiger

Aldo Giannotti, »Taxi Driver«, 2010 © Fotosammlung Filmmuseum Wien»TAXI DRIVER« © 1976, renewed 2004 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

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